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Private appointments

As you may know, during the Covid-19 crisis, many private hospitals have been taken over by the NHS so that emergency care can continue.

Whilst this has been the case for us locally, the good news is that we are gradually re-opening to private patients both self-pay and insured. 

For the next few weeks/months, the number of face to face appointments will be limited due to social distancing measures but I will also be offering telephone clinic appointments. If of course following a telephone consult I feel the need to do a face to face appointment, this will be arranged for you.

I work with all major insurance companies and the majority are fully supporting telephone clinics due to the current situation - it is always best to give them a call to double check

Current availability (subject to change due to ongoing Covid situation)

  • Monday - telephone clinic/video consultation

  • Friday pm - face to face clinic appointments (Nuffield Hospital Newcastle-under-Lyme)

Self-pay fees

  • New consultation £200

  • Follow up consultation £100

To arrange a private appointment please look at my contact page

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