• Non-operative

    I will always need to see (or arrange) an updated MRI scan of your spine (in some cases a CT scan).

    Wherever possible I try to avoid surgical intervention as a large number of spinal conditions can be treated without surgery. It may turn out that following review of your scans I may recommend one of the following:

    • Physiotherapy

    • Personal trainer

    • Lifestyle modifications including weight loss

    • Chiropractor/Osteopath

    • Pain management

  • Degenerative spine

    • Spinal injections for back and leg pain (sciatica)

    • Spinal injections for neck and arm pain

    • Manipulation of coccyx

    • Cervical decompression, discectomy and fusion procedures

    • Thoracic decompression and discectomy*

    • Lumbar decompression, discectomy and fusion procedures

    • Revision operations

  • Spine deformity*

    • Infantile and childrens's scoliosis management - including bracing, plaster jackets and growing rod systems

    • Adolescent scoliosis and kyphosis correction

    • Adult spinal deformity correction - including anterior, lateral and posterior procedures

  • Spinal trauma*

    • Spinal fractures and dislocations

    • Spinal cord injury

    • Cauda equina 

    • Spinal tumours

    • Spinal infections







    * these procedures are carried out in Royal Stoke  Hospital due to complexity

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